How to Elevate Your ProCell Results

with services you are already offering.

What is collagen Induction Therapy? Why is it important in my treatment room? How do I work it into my treatment plan?


Kala Duncan and Tina Freiborg are teaming up for an INTERACTIVE and LIVE workshop on all things Procell! That means DOUBLE the knowledge from two National Trainers at your fingertips!


Join us for an in depth workshop, while we share our knowledge with you on how to take your clients skin to the next level with award winning technology, double your income in 2021, and succeed in an ever changing industry! 


Learn how to elevate your ProCell results with services you are already offering like microcurrent, dermaplaning, hydrafacial, chemical peels, microdermabrasion, LED therapy and more. 


Presented by


Kala Duncan


Tina Freiborg